Keller Real Estate

A wealthy northern suburb of Fort Worth, Keller, Texas, lies within the confines of Tarrant County, within the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Keller has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years. In 2008 during the summer, the city's population was measured at nearly 39,000, an increase of more than 42% since the figure was measured during the 2000 census.

A railroad between Fort Worth and Texarkana was completed in June 1881, and new cities began popping up all along the railroad's line, including Keller. H.W. Wood, a Tarrant County pharmacist, set aside an area of 40 acres for a new community, to be named Athol. New settlers began moving in and within the year, the town changed its name to Keller, after a railroad foreman, John C. Keller.

Today, Keller is a thriving community. It was named by Money Magazine as the No. 7 of the top 100 "Best Places to Live" in the U.S. in 2009. Residents were measured in 2008 to have a median household income of more than $105,000, a figure that puts residents here much wealthier than those in most surrounding cities in the Metroplex. Home values in the city were measured in 2008 with a median of around $268,000.

Residents of Keller will live under the jurisdiction of the Keller Independent School District, which operates 36 schools with more than 30,000 students. There are also several private schools within the region for those pursuing an alternative education. The nearest hospital is six miles away in North Richland Hills. The city has its own recreation and aquatic center, and it is currently undergoing a major expansion of the Keller Public Library. The Keller Pointe offers 87,940 square feet with fitness rooms, massages, recreational sports and wellness programs.