Crowley Real Estate

A small but fast-growing city in Johnson and Tarrant counties, Crowley, Texas, is considered a suburb of Fort Worth. The city has a total area of 6.7 square miles, only about 0.01 of which lies in Johnson County. Crowley was estimated in 2008 to be home to a population of around 12,500, an increase of more than 65% since the 2000 census.

The area that now is Crowley was first settled around 1848, when farmers moved in near Dear Creek. The Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad opened its first depot in 1885, and the city began to experience fast growth. The city was named after S.H. Crowley, the master of transportation for the railroad. The city was incorporated in 1951. Residents were measured to have median household incomes here of around $57,000 in 2008, and the estimated median home value at that time was around $105,500.

Children living in Crowley are served by the Crowley Independent School District, which extends north into Fort Worth. Most of the schools in the district are physically located within Fort Worth. One high school, a ninth-grade campus, a middle school and two elementary schools, however, are located in Crowley, as is the Crowley Public Library. The private school, Nazarene Christian Academy, has enrollment of about 100 students in grades K-6. The nearest hospitals are in Fort Worth, just eight miles away.

Crowley celebrates annual events like the summer's Bicentennial Park Splash Pad, an Easter Egg Hunt, a Haunted Hayride, a Christmas Parade and a Celebration of Freedom. The Dionne Bagsby-All Sports Complex features ball fields, playgrounds and a walking track for residents to enjoy, complemented by the Community Center and Senior Center. Crowley's Teeter Park has ball fields and a playground for children to enjoy.