Pilot Point Real Estate Information

A small community with a unique name, Pilot Point, Texas, is a town that takes up an area of around three square miles in Denton County. It lies within the area that includes some of the most rapidly growing cities in the state, and Pilot Point is no exception. Since 2000, the city has experienced growth of around 25 percent, and as of estimates taken in 2007, Pilot Point was home to more than 4,000 residents. Its residents have a median annual income that has now risen to more than $51,000, up from just over $42,000 in 2000.

With the growth of the community have also come rising real estate prices. In 2000, Pilot Point's average price for residential properties, including houses and condos, was around $77,000; since then it has risen to more than $109,000. The community counts itself as the oldest settlement in Denton County, settled in 1845, making it more than 150 years old. The city's name came because it was home to a wooded area situated on the highest point between Texarkana and Fort Worth, thus making it a landmark for pilots flying over the area.

The Pilot Point Church of Christ and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church are designated as historical sites by the Texas Historical Commission, and the city has its own newspaper, the Pilot Point Post-Signal. Children who live here attend institutions in the Pilot Point Independent School District, which includes an elementary, intermediate, middle and high school.

Pilot Point is perhaps best known throughout the area for its horse farms. Only one county in the U.S. (in Kentucky) has more horses than Denton County, and Pilot Point generally serves as the starting point for this horse country that extends southward to Fort Worth. The area is home to more than 5,000 horses and 300 ranches.