Krum Real Estate Information

A small community that sits on two square miles completely within Denton County, the city of Krum, Texas, is an ever-growing enclave in this area of mostly suburban cities north of the Dallas, Texas, area. Krum is just fives miles west of Interstate 35, and it is home to a population estimated at more than 4,300 in 2008, more than double from its just under 2,000-person population at the time of the 2,000 census.

Krum got its beginnings in the late 19th century, when in 1884 the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway constructed a line that passed through the western part of Denton County. In 1886, a man sold 200 acres from his farm to the railroad to establish a town, and thus began Krum, named for one of the railroad employees, A. R. Krum.

Residents in Krum have a growing purchasing power. Their median annual household income was just over $52,000 in 2000, but by 2007, that figure had risen to more than $64,000. It is likewise with residential real estate prices. Properties' average value was measured at just over $89,000 in 2000; by 2007, that figure also had risen, this to more than $126,000. The city has its own public library, and the nearest hospital is just seven miles away in Denton.

Children living in Krum are served by the Krum Independent School District, which consists of its Early Education Center, Hattie Dyer Elementary School, Blanche Dodd Intermediate, Krum Middle School and Krum High School. There are two colleges in nearby Denton, the University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University. Construction, education and health care are the industries in which the highest percentage of Krum residents are employed, with supervisors, teachers and managers being the most common occupations.