Sunnyvale Real Estate Information

The easternmost city within Dallas County, Sunnyvale, Texas, is a small but growing residential community that had a population of just under 3,000 at the time of the 2000 census but it was estimated that the population had grown by 2008 quite substantially to more than 4,500 -- an increase of more than 67 percent. It encompasses a land area of almost 17 square miles. Not only is the population growing, but residents are also becoming wealthier. The median household income for residents in 2000 was just under $87,000; by 2007, that figure had risen to more than $93,000. Real estate values are on the way up as well. Average home values in 2000 were just over $210,000; 2007 estimates showed properties worth, on average, more than $300,000.

The town was originally inhabited by Native Americans and became part of Spanish territory in the 1700s and later part of Mexico. Following the Texas Revolution, the area gained independence as part of Texas and began to grow and develop. Three cities were established in the area: New Hope, Tripp and Hatterville. The three communities were merged in 1953 and the new name was chosen through a local school contest.

Children living in Sunnyvale attend institutions in the Sunnyvale Independent School District, though those in grades 10 and above attend high school in a nearby town. Because of the town's rapid growth, however, Sunnyvale's own high school has been constructed and its first class was set to begin in the fall of 2009. The nearest hospital is just four miles away in Mesquite, and downtown Dallas is just about 15 miles west. Construction, education, finance and insurance are the most common industries in which residents work.

Near the city's eastern border sits Lake Ray Hubbard, a 27,000-plus-acre body of water that is popular with citizens in the summer and warmer months for activities like fishing, boating, water skiing and tanning. The city's largest park is Samuell New Hope Park, and the nearest college is Eastfield College in Mesquite, four miles away. Plenty of other higher education centers are available in Dallas.