Lower Greenville Real Estate Information

A popular neighborhood within the city of east Dallas, the Lower Greenville, Texas, area lies just west of Lakewood, and is a popular entertainment area. The community lies specifically located adjacent to Greenville Avenue, where it takes its name from, south of Mockingbird Lane and north of Belmont Avenue. The region south of Belmont Avenue is commonly called Lowest Greenville, and the region north of Mockingbird Lane is called Upper Greenville.

The term Lower Greenville also refers to the properties and neighborhoods around Greenville Avenue, including Vickery Place, the Belmont Addition, Greenland Hills (the "M Streets") and Stonewall. The area is split between Dallas Council Districts 14 and 2. Greenville Avenue was at one time the main route for accessing the downtown Dallas area from northern Dallas, until the North Central Expressway was constructed in the '50s. Real estate offerings in the neighborhood include a wide variety, from older, historic homes to newer, modern apartment complexes.

The district is popular for those seeking entertainment, with the area south of Mockingbird Lane populated with live music venues, shops and speciality stores, restaurants and bars. Its most popular music venue is probably the Historic Granada Theater, an old theater that now serves as a performance hall and concert venue. The neighborhood's most popular event is the annual Saint Patrick's Day parade, with the parade passing through Upper Greenville, followed by a block party in Lower Greenville.