Deep Ellum Real Estate Information

A popular entertainment district within the city of Dallas, Deep Ellum, Texas, is a distinct neighborhood just three blocks east of the city's downtown area. The area has experienced much growth in recent years, as old warehouses and properties have been converted into clubs, music venues and lofts. The area makes up an area of about 170 acres and is home to many of the city's most popular bands. The area's name comes from a derivation of "Deep Elm" Street.

The community was begun in the late 1880s when Robert S. Munger built his first factory, the Munger Improved Cotton Machine Company. Shortly thereafter, in 1913, Henry Ford opened a plant in Deep Ellum to help supply the high demand of parts needing manufactured for the Ford Model T, which were previously only being made at the Detroit plant. In the 1920s and '30s, the area became known throughout the region as a hotspot for blues and jazz live music. In the '60s and '70s, the district became largely industrial, and later the warehouses were converted into loft studios by artists looking for cheap rent.

The district is home to countless music clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes, boutique stores, theaters, tattoo parlors and art galleries. Real estate in the community consists of lofts and apartment buildings, with little or no residential homes. There are no hotels physically within the district, though many can be found nearby in the downtown area. The primary pedestrian areas of Deep Ellum follow Elm, Main and Commerce streets. The area celebrates annually the Deep Ellum Arts Festival and the Deep Ellum Film Festival.

The community lies just east of the elevated I-45/US 75 highway. Residents who live here with children will have the option to send their kids to public schools in the Dallas Independent School District. Those residing north of Commerce Street are zoned to Ignacio Zaragoza Elementary School, Alex W. Spence Middle School and North Dallas High School, while those residing south of Commerce Street are zoned to City Park Elementary School, Billy Earl Dade Middle School, and James Madison High School.