Nevada Real Estate Information

One of the smallest communities in Collin County, the town of Nevada, Texas, lies in the northeastern part of the state, a small suburb of the Dallas area. It is about 40 miles north of downtown Dallas and lies right off the regionally popular Lavon Lake. Like most communities in Collin County, Nevada has experienced some growth in the recent decade, though its growth has been somewhat slower than some of the other communities. At the time of the 2000 census, Nevada had a population of 563. Estimates taken in July 2008 showed that the town's population had grown since then to nearly 750.

The community was settled in 1835 by a man named Granville Stinebaugh, who named the community after the Nevada Territory. The town became a stop along the St. Louis Southwestern Railroad, which brought it some attention and success, and it incorporated shortly thereafter in 1889. In 1927, Nevada was struck by a tornado that destroyed much of the community, and the citizens voted to unincorporated after this natural disaster. However, the town rallied back and reincorporated in 1988.

The community sits on just 1.2 square miles in the county. Along with the rise in population, it has also seen an uptick in salaries and real estate values here, with median household income rising from $46,500 in 2000 to an estimated $52,000 in 2007. Likewise the average value of residential properties has risen from $65,300 in 2000 to an estimated $85,000 in 2007.

Children who reside in Nevada will be zoned to educational institutions in the Community Independent School District, which includes two elementary schools, and a middle and high school. Though there are no higher education venues in the immediate vicinity, there are about half a dozen colleges within a 30-mile radius. The nearest hospital is 12 miles away in Wylie. Construction and education and health care are the most popular industries for residents here to be employed in.